Oils for passenger cars and delivery vans

The efficient functioning of every car requires taking care of its engine and regularly changing the oil, which should be selected for a specific vehicle model. This is extremely important for its proper operation - a properly selected lubricant ensures appropriate operating conditions for individual components and protects them against excessive wear. What is engine oil and what are its functions? You will learn everything from this article.

Engine oil – what is it?

Engine oil is a specialized lubricant based on mineral oils, synthetic oils or their mixtures, and additives that give it the desired properties. Engine oils are one of the most important factors present in passenger cars, delivery vans and trucks. Its regular replacement is of great importance for the proper functioning of the engine and its service life.

What are the functions of engine oil?

The basic task of engine oils is to lubricate interacting engine components in order to minimize friction between them. For this reason, agents of this type are primarily required to have excellent lubricating properties that will provide optimal protection against excessive wear. However, modern engine oils also have a number of other properties and fulfill various functions. The most important of them include cooling of critical elements of the drive unit, effective removal of excess thermal energy, protection against corrosion, damping vibrations, cleaning the engine of mechanical impurities and sealing the system. Properly selected engine oil will fulfill all these tasks, which will ensure a long service life of the entire system.

The best oils for passenger cars and delivery vans – which ones to choose?

When choosing the right engine oil for a passenger car or commercial vehicle, you should take into account the quality and viscosity parameters provided by the vehicle manufacturer. It is worth choosing proven products from reputable manufacturers, such as the SPECOL brand offering the highest quality engine oils. Its offer includes a wide range of engine oils for various models of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, which allows you to find a product suitable for each type of vehicle. All proposed solutions have excellent lubricating properties and ensure high operating parameters in a wide temperature range. More about engine oils for passenger cars and delivery vans offered by SPECOL can be found at https://specol.com.pl/en/122-engine-oils.

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