What oil for the engine? Proper selection of engine oil

Engine oils are essential for the proper operation of the drive unit. Properly selected, it translates into a number of functionalities that guarantee the durability of individual engine components, reduce friction between interacting elements and minimize fuel consumption. In addition, engine oil allows the combustion chamber to be sealed and heat and pollutants to be properly dissipated. For this reason, the appropriate selection of engine oil for a specific application is of great importance during the further operation of a given device - it allows a significant increase in its efficiency, efficiency and extension of service life.

Choosing engine oil – what is important?

Properly selected engine oil is an important issue that affects the functioning of the drive system and guarantees its high-quality operation. Selecting the right lubricant for a specific application requires taking into account the engine oil specifications, which are specified by each car manufacturer. It describes the technical parameters that a lubricant should meet and is the most important criterion when selecting it. The basic parameters determining the high properties of engine oil include the viscosity class and the quality class of a given lubricant - they should not be taken into account when choosing the right engine oil for a given application.

Engine oils from the Specol brand

Specol is a manufacturing company that produces specialized lubricants based on the latest technologies and knowledge of professionals in this field.

Specol's offer includes a wide range of mineral, semi-synthetic, synthetic engine oils. They are high-quality lubricants that work perfectly in vehicles with various drive system designs. Their use translates into optimal lubrication of engine components both during starting and driving. All proposed solutions are characterized by a wide range of viscosity, quality and operating temperatures - this allows the engine oil to be adapted to the requirements set by the manufacturer of a given drive unit. The high quality of engine oils produced by Specol and their appropriate selection for a specific application influence the correct and failure-free operation of the engine between subsequent oil changes.

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